We offer a line of luxury home décor and accessories, blending a modern Scandinavian aesthetic with artisan textile traditions.  By focusing on superior grade alpaca wool, we create items of the highest quality which are also ethically produced and fair trade – Sustainable Luxury.  We believe that the homes where we raise our children should show them the love that we have for them as well as teach them to care for the world around them.  And by combining our beautiful colors and patterns with the rich traditions of Peruvian artisans, we create items of unmatched quality that also nurture the families and communities of the women who make them.

Must Haves!

Dip-Dyed Throw

Our lightweight Dip-Dyed Throw combines luxuriously soft 100% baby alpaca with a sophisticated ombré design in colors that are sure to add a striking pop of color to your sofa, bedroom or outdoor space.  Each throw is specially woven and then hand dyed by our artisans in small pots over an open fire.  Every limited run has its own character, providing natural variations in color and intensity and making them a delightful work of art for your home.

100% Baby Alpaca, 51"x 71", 1.5 lbs Dry Clean Only

Vintage Paisley Scarf

Inspired by a vintage paisley wood block print, each scarf is printed by hand with a design that is authentic and timeless.   The scarf itself is a blend of silk and baby alpaca, which gives it breathability, warmth and an incredible softness to the touch.  Worn as a shawl, this is the perfect complement to your outfit and the answer to a chilly evening breeze.  The Vintage Paisley Scarf comes in a wide array of colors that are perfect for a seaside resort or a night on the town.

70% Baby Alpaca/ 30% Silk, 35" x 86", .3 lbs., Hand Wash or Dry Clean

Whisper Weight Scarf - Solid

With the smoothness of silk and the softness of alpaca, the Whisper Weight is the perfect scarf. So light and breathable you won’t even notice it in warmer weather, but warm enough to stop a chilly breeze in its tracks when the temperature drops. In a wide range of colors, this is the perfect complement to any outfit and can be worn on the neck or draped as a shawl. An elegant gift.

70% Alpaca/ 30% Silk, 35" x 86", .5 lbs., Hand Wash or Dry Clean

  • Alpaca is a natural and sustainable fiber
  • Alpaca is softer than cashmere
  • Alpaca is hypoallergenic, many people with wool allergies can comfortably wear alpaca
  • Cashmere production is creating deserts and environmental devastation, and alpaca is recommended as the green alternative (NRDC, 2011)
  • Alpaca is warmer than Merino Wool
  • Alpaca is flame resistant
  • Alpacas come in over 20 natural colors
  • Alpacas are very, very cute